We have 140 acres of private and secluded countryside and we specialise in giving your dogs a variety of walks twice a day, 7 days a week, if suitable for your dog, either in a group of sociable dogs, or a one to one basis.

There are options for one of our secure large enclosed grass or sand areas, free run or extension walks around the lake, fields, and woodland. Our high ratio of staff means that your dog receives 30 minutes exercise in the morning and again in the afternoon. All of the dogs in our care also receive one to one quality time in their kennels daily with a member of staff.

We also cater for older dogs or dogs with health issues that may need limited exercise.

Upon arrival or viewing of kennels you will be asked to sign a walking declaration stating your choice of walking options. All safety measures will be taken but Pridelands Kennels will not be responsible if your dog escapes the property. This is a working farm, so if you are aware your dog dislikes, or is likely to chase horses, sheep or cats, please let us know.

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